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Welcome, Choir!


Cindy Carey, Choir Director

Rachel Derry, Accompanist

Juliana Beckett, Choir Librarian

Beryl Pegg, Choir Administrator


Welcome back to choir everyone! A reminder that choir rehearsal is 7:30 sharp to 9 every Thursday evening. We will be singing approximately every other week. There is also space for small group, duet, trio singing on choir Sundays so if you are interested, please advise Cindy or Rachel. Please note the new rules for binders and choir music. If you are confused, please have a chat with Juliana who will explain the new procedures.

Choir Mandate
The choir has both a social and spiritual function.  Socially it allows space for us to interact in a way that requires the seven principles to be ever present in our mind and in our behaviour.  For example:  members are diverse in experience, skill and talent.  This diversity requires us all to be respectful of what each of us offers.  We must be respectful, open teachers and learners in order to achieve our best.  The music we sing offers us both spiritual and humanist themes and reminds us to keep trying to be our best selves.  Through the choir we attempt, with other leaders, to create meaningful and spiritual moments for our congregation in both church services and other choral events.
Cindy Carey, Choir Director

Choir Sundays - Dates  

September 28
October 19
November 9
November 30
December 14
December 21



Rehearsal Recordings:

In accordance with copyright law in Canada, these recordings are for personal study and review only and are not to be distributed or used for any other purpose.



October 2014 Rehearsals:


The Gift Of Love

Sure On This Shining Night

Amazing Gratitude

Prior Choir Performances of This Music


Amazing Gratitude

Sure On This Shining Night

Gift Of Love

Now Is The Time

Music from Past Performances

Unfrequented Road

Chorus Of Community

Sheep May Safely Graze

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

O Siem

The Road Not Taken

When You Believe

The Gift Of Love

Uma Familia


Linda's Ordination, May 26

Let The Mystery Be

Healing Waters

Choose To Bless The World


Our Children


Mother's Carole

The Path You Walk Upon

Fighting Over What We Believe

All Lifted Hearts


I Am Not Afraid

Honey In The Rock















Mary Had A Baby

Sure On This Shining Night

Miracle Of Hanukkah

Winter Solstice Chant

Festive Fa La La


Yanaway Heyona, arr Brian Tate:  http://www.pavanepublishing.com/sounds/P1378Yanaway.mp3

Blessed Be, John Shea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvJ6LVfQW8I

Standing on the Side of Love, Greg Greenaway - this isn't the choral version, but you can read along with your music and get the feel of the song from him:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g1N-jqTkrI

In the Name of Love, Greg Greenaway - this also is not the choral version - you can hear "history chooses you.." about a minute and a half in and then you can follow along with the music somewhat

Theme from Mahogany:  this is the original I believe: 

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