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Shared Ministry Groups
What are Shared Ministry Groups about?
  • Shared Ministry is a program of our church developed and implemented in 2001.

  • These groups are UU ministry-focused gatherings that meet regularly for discussion of a wide range of interesting topics reviewed by the Leadership team.

  • The intent of the groups is to promote active discussion and caring, not to arrive at a conclusion at the end of each meeting. The participants provide support for one another and share experiences.

  • They range from 3 to 10 participants who usually meet a couple of times a month and are committed to our UU faith and regular attendance not only in the group but the church as well.

  • Groups participate in some service project once a year for the church or wider community.

So why do we need small group ministries?

Goals of Shared Ministry Groups

  • Community Building – Shared Ministry Groups are about connecting with other people in the church, building community and facilitating pastoral care. They’re about creating a place where we can belong (intimacy) and finding a place that can make meaning of our lives (ultimacy) Their ministry can be summarized as loving, learning and service.
  • Nurturing Leadership – A key aspect of the groups is nurturing ministry leadership within our community. Churches require trained, talented, and spirit-gifted leadership.
  • Practicing our religion – Ministry groups are the way we model and practice our UU religion. A focus on Shared Ministry Groups is a commitment to outreach and our congregation’s ministry and to a movement from minister-centred to ministry-centred community.
  • Fulfilling our UU Principles and our Church’s Mission – Ministry groups are about putting our UU principles and Church Mission Statement into action. They’re about how we model that our doors swing open to the lightest touch. They are a way for us to grow as people and a community, as well as grow the church membership. They’re about how we model our belief in the inherent worth and dignity of all people. Each Ministry Group is asked to participate in at least one activity a year that is a service activity for the church community or outside the church.

Why Should I join a Shared Ministry Group?

  • It’s a way to form real connections with each other and build an even better community
  • It’s a way to make ministry more personal and meaningful.
  • It’s a way to be more intentional about putting our vision into practice
  • Because it can be life affirming and even life transforming and because it’s fun!


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