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Sunday services are at 10:30am

April 26 Broken Promises: Learning to Trust Again
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Katie Keenleyside
Musicians: Rachel Derry

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced a broken heart, and unfulfilled promise, a severed relationship. When it happens, it can be hard to repair the wound and find our way to trust, to believe, or to love again. Today we talk about how to cope with the wounded aspects of our lives, and how a broken heart is best healed by opening it even further.

May 3 Generosity
Karen Trollope-Kumar
Service Leader: Carl Ingram

Generosity has been recognized as a virtue in philosophical and religious traditions the world over. When we act with generosity, we offer our time, labour or talents to those in need, without expecting anything in return. In this process of giving from the heart, we ourselves are enriched. This Sunday, Karen Trollope-Kumar shares insights about the notion of generosity from philosophical, religious and personal perspectives.

May 10 Flower Communion: What is Beauty?
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Michele Corbeil

Please bring flowers today to participate in our congregational ritual of Flower Communion. This Sunday, we contemplate the role of beauty in our lives, how it attracts our attention, impacts our spirits, and enhances our lives. But what is beauty, anyway? Is it truly in the eye of the beholder?

May 17 Source Five: Humanism
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Jennifer Askey
Musician: Rachel Derry, Choir

The Sources of our faith tradition include Humanism, guiding us with the use of our reason and the results of science in considering and reaching conclusions about life and our beliefs. In this sermon, we’ll talk about how Humanism became a guiding light of UU, and how the influence of reason has been incorporated with changing styles of worship, community, and spiritual practices.

May 24 Commitment
Rev. Carly
Service Leader: Ed Canning

(See page 4 of the May Newsletter)

May 31 Source Six: Earth-centered Traditions
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Pat Dickinson

This Sunday, we explore our sixth and final Source: the spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature. In a world impacted by climate change, we must consider how our faith addresses our role in creating and changing our impact on the Earth.

Sunday Services 10:30 am. All Are Welcome

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