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Sunday services are at 10:30am

Sept 6 Naturality - Living According to Your Nature
Susan Barberstock
Service Leader: Pradeep Kumar
Music: June Caskey

Each of us is born with a unique nature - a particular mind-body personality, and a set of gifts and talents. When we live according to our innate nature, we experience life in a fresh and joyous way. Today, Pradeep Kumar explores these ideas, blending concepts from ancient teachings of Ayurveda with contemporary Western psychology and science.

Sept 13 Caring: A New Year of Possibility
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Jennifer Askey
Music: Music Committee

One of the hallmarks of a healthy, vibrant church community is a strong culture of caring for one another. Our Mission Statement acknowledges our commitment to caring by including the statement that we are here “to nurture one another.” Caring Companions serve as lay extensions of the Minister; they assist in providing pastoral care, a listening ear, and support in times of crisis, spiritual questioning, and life changes. Today we introduce this new ministry at First, and covenant with the skilled volunteers who will become Caring Companions at our church.
NOTE: This is our annual service starting the new church year, and we will be celebrating our tradition of water communion this Sunday. Please bring water from or representing your summer travels, adventures, or pastimes to share.

Sept 20 What is This UU Thing, Anyway?
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: John Greene
Music: Susan Gudgeon’s students

John Greene bid on a sermon at last year’s auction, and this is his choice! When asked to explain what Unitarian Universalism is all about, we sometimes find ourselves either at a loss for words, or full of so many words that the person who asked is overwhelmed and confused. Is there an easy, clear, and simple way to share our faith’s message with those not familiar with UU? That’s John’s question, and what today’s sermon will attempt to answer.

Sept 27 Selma is Now
Lyla Miklos
Service Leader: Bill Johnston
Music: : Catherine Silverglen
Spoken Word Artist: Keira Silverglen

In 1965, Unitarian Universalists, including this church’s minister, joined the march for Black voting rights in Selma, Alabama. The struggle continues,. “Selma is Now!” John legend said in his 2015 Oscar acceptance speech for the song “Glory” from the film “Selma.” The voting rights fought for 50 years ago are being compromised. Black lives are still at risk. Earlier this year, Lyla confronted hard truths at the UUA’s Marching in the Arc of Justice conference about race, privilege, and what it means to be white.

Sunday Services 10:30 am. All Are Welcome

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