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Celebrating 125 years of our liberal spiritual community
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Sunday services are at 10:30am

March 29 The Guatemala Project
Nancy Willson
Service Leader: Karen Trollope-Kumar
Musician: Rachel Derry, the Choir with Cindy Carey

In Guatemala, 50% of children under 5 years of age suffer from chronic malnutrition. Project Harvest empowers rural women, the primary food managers, to grow vegetables and raise small animals so they can provide food for their families year round. This Sunday, Nancy tells us about the work being done by this organization and how we can help.

April 5 Easter: Source Four – Our Christian Roots
Rev. Victoria &Tamara McClellan
Service Leader: Roy Dahl
Musicians: Rachel Derry, Mary Ann Terpstra, Susan Gudgeon

This is an intergenerational service. On this Sunday when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, we examine how Unitarian Universalism has been shaped by our roots in the stories and wisdom of the Bible. Our children present a special program on the life of Jesus, and our music celebrates the joys of this glorious season.

April 12 Source Four: Our Jewish Roots – Passover
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Jennifer Askey
Musicians: Rachel Derry

Our Unitarian Universalist faith is informed by Six Sources, the fourth being “Jewish and Christian teachings which call us to respond to God’s love by loving our neighbors as ourselves.” Passover is celebrated by those of Jewish faith at this time of year, and today we examine how teachings in this tradition influence and guide Unitarian Universalism.

April 19 Friendship: Animals and Humans
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Charlie Pond
Musicians: Rachel Derry, Choir with Cindy Carey

This Sunday, we welcome our animal friends as visitors to the church! Cats and rats and lizards and others who do well crates, along with dogs and such who are well-behaved on leashes are welcome to share worship with us this morning. We’ll talk about how our mutual dependence with animals enhances our lives and we’ll bless our pets and beloved animal companions. Special treats will be available for our animal visitors.

April 26 Broken Promises: Learning to Trust Again
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Katie Keenleyside
Musicians: Rachel Derry

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced a broken heart, and unfulfilled promise, a severed relationship. When it happens, it can be hard to repair the wound and find our way to trust, to believe, or to love again. Today we talk about how to cope with the wounded aspects of our lives, and how a broken heart is best healed by opening it even further.

Sunday Services 10:30 am. All Are Welcome

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