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Celebrating 125 years of our liberal spiritual community
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Sunday services are at 10:30am

September 28 When I Find Myself in Times of Trouble
Rev. Victoria

It was a busy summer, and not only with vacations, excursions, and holidays. The world continued to be plagued by violence, terror, sickness, pain, and suffering. How do we keep our equilibrium in a changing world? How do we keep our sights on hope for change and improvement? We’ll explore these questions today.

Oct 5 Source One: Gifts of the Spirit
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Carl Ingram
Musician: June Caskey

This Sunday, we begin a series on the Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism, the resources we draw from for our inspiration and spiritual quest. The first Source is the direct experience of transcending mystery and wonder of the forces that create and uphold life; our inner sense of the sacred, the holy, the amazing that exists just beyond our understanding

Oct 12 A Crash Course in Community Building
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Doreen Knol
Musicians: Susan Gudgeon, Mary Ann Terpstra

UU musician and minister Meg Barnhouse sings about having mango thoughts in a meatloaf town. She also talks about how to create a vibrant, committed community when you are different that the communities around you – somewhat like being a UU in a predominantly conservative Christian world! This week, we explore how to play to our strengths – our inclusivity and theological diversity.

Oct 19 The Fire of Commitment
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Jennifer Kaye
Musicians: Choir, with Cindy Carey

Our annual Canvass – pledge drive, money-raising, budget-building, financial commitment, and bill-paying effort – begins this Sunday! The Fire of Commitment is our theme this year. When you feel fully alive – really engaged, excited, charged up, or on fire – things happen.

Oct 26 International Development: The Trap of Organized Hypocrisy
Leo Johnson
Service Leader: Gail Rappolt
Musicians: Youth of our Congregation

As the world struggles to come to terms with the colossal failure of International Development, as we know it, United Nations Day of Development Information gives us the opportunity to reflect on the challenges and complexity of aid and charity. What happened? What can we do to fix it? Using Liberia as a case study, I will focus on the evolution of the system of international development that has become a “trap of organized hypocrisy” and a “partnership of unequal partners.”

Sunday Services 10:30 am. All Are Welcome

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