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Celebrating 125 years of our liberal spiritual community
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Sunday services are at 10:30am

June 22 The Prophetic Sisterhood: Women and UU History
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Katie Keenleyside
Music Ministers: Choir

Unitarians and Universalists were the first religious denominations to ordain women as ministers, and those women ministers helped fuel the expansion of liberal faith across the continent. Today’s message shares more about our UU history, and the important role women have played in our work for social justice, denominational growth, and spiritual growth.

June 29 Empowerment Squared: Helping Hamilton and the World
Leo Johnson
Service Leader: Rev. Victoria

Leo Johnson returns to our pulpit to update us on the progress of Empowerment Squared, his non-profit, Hamilton-based organization that works to create sustainable change. This summer, they will be offering sports and recreation camps for young people in our community. He’ll also be updating us on his work in Liberia, where the country’s first post-war library and cultural centre is being sponsored by Mr. Johnson’s efforts.

July 6 Living Sunday to Sunday: Grief
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Charlie Pond
Music: Susan Gudgeon and Students

No one is spared loss, pain, suffering, or grief in their lives. Some losses touch us more deeply than others, perhaps, but with each opportunity, we touch our grief emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. What does our faith tradition tell us about dealing with grief in our lives?

July 13 Lessons from Ramadan for UUs
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Barb Wallace
Music: Roy Dahl and Paul Hawkins

Muslims observe Ramadan this year from June 29 through July 29th, a time for fasting, making charitable donations, and reflecting on the nature of one’s life. As one of the Five Pillars of Islam, the observance of Ramadan has special spiritual meaning for Muslims. This Sunday, we explore what we can learn from this sacred observance.

July 20 Meeting in the Middle
Danielle Webber
Service Leaders: Mel and Pat Webber

With a religion as diverse as Unitarian Universalism, there are bound to be opposite points of view, especially in our theological ideals. Theism, Atheism, mysticism and humanism. How do we see past these differences and come to common understanding? What draws us together, and what can push us apart?

July 27 Travelling Together
Rev. Linda Thomson
Service Leader: Joanne Dear

This morning let’s consider where the journey we’ve been on, and how it might help us navigate into the future. Our history can tell us something about our future; times are changing, but people have fundamental and timeless yearnings and needs. Are we a tradition that can serve?

August 3 Naturality: Living According to Your Nature
Pradeep Kumar
Service Leader: Karen Trollope-Kumar

How do we learn to walk our own path in life? This week, Pradeep Kumar (Jivasu) introduces the concept of Naturality  living according to your nature. Three core problems of life are fear, conflict and sorrow, and these problems often arise when we do not live according to our own nature. Learning to walk our own path can free us from fear and sorrow, and also can bring the experience of peace, passion and bliss.

August 10 Giving Unitarian Universalism Voice
Gail Rappolt
Service Leader: Janet Hillen

Did you know that Unitarian Universalists through the UU UNO have consultative status at the United Nations in New York? Come and engage in this interactive service about how the UU UNO works and how you can get connected to UU UNO both in this congregation and in New York. Find out as well what the United Nations Association in Canada – Hamilton Branch is engaged in through its work since the year 2000 developing a Culture of Peace in Hamilton. If you would like to do some investigation before the service here are two links: http://www.uua.org/international/un/198551.shtml

August 17 Transitions
Karen Trollope-Kumar
Service Leader: Julianna Beckett

Major transitions in our lives, such as graduation, marriage, job change or retirement, dramatically alter the way we live. This week, Karen Trollope-Kumar explores the ways in which we can “ride the wave” and embrace the changes that inevitably accompany a major life transition.

August 24 Action Sunday for Mental Health
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Pat Dickinson

Most everyone is related to, knows someone, or copes themselves with some form of mental illness or challenge, and yet, it can remain a hidden concern. Through a variety of methods, this Sunday you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the issues and impacts of mental health in our community.

August 31 125 Years: How Worship Has Changed
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Bill Johnston

Continuing in our celebration of 125 years as a presence for liberal faith in Hamilton, today we explore what it would have been like to attend a Unitarian church in 1889. We’ll look at how sermons and hymns, along with other worship elements, have transformed over the years.

Sunday Services 10:30 am. All Are Welcome

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