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Celebrating 125 years of our liberal spiritual community
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Sunday services are at 10:30am

Dec 21 Holiday Music for Its Own Sake
Rachel Derry
Service Leader: Rev. Victoria
Music: Choir and Our Congregation

Let’s all make music together! Share in songs and readings for the season. Share your talents with all of us. This Sunday we all have the chance to sing, play, dance, and join in the fun of music!

December 24 Christmas Eve Services
Rev. Victoria

4:30 p.m. Family Service: Donkeys, Cows, Sheep, and Camels
Music: Cathy Grise
A service for children and families. As we anticipate Christmas, we consider the role of animals in the Nativity story.

7:00 p.m. Contemplative Service: Winter Wisdom
Music: Rachel Derry
As we prepare to open our hearts to the spirit of Christmas, we honour the wisdom and imagery of winter in our search for beauty, peace, and grace.

Dec 28 From One Year to the Next
Rev. Victoria
Music: Charlie Henderson, Susan Gudgeon

It’s almost time to welcome in a New Year, and time to think about the changes or improvements we might like to make in our lives. This Sunday, we will participate in Fire Communion, a chance to let go of thoughts, habits, or beliefs that are holding us back from the fullness of living the life we are meant to have.

Jan 4 Source Two: Prophetic Voices
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Karen Trollope-Kumar

Unitarian Universalism draws from a wide variety of resources for inspiration as a part of our religious tradition. In the six that we officially name, the words of prophetic men and women is the second cited. We look for truth, wisdom, guidance, and challenge in the lives of those who went before, and those we know today, reflecting on their word and actions as potential guideposts for our own lives.

Jan 11 What Might Be: The Future of UU
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Ed Canning

This religious tradition has existed since at least the 1500’s. We’ve been a congregation in Hamilton for 125 years. What might the future hold? How does a religiously liberal and theologically plural “church” remain vital, relevant, and active in a changing world? How will we have to adapt to continue to be a viable resource for the next 125 years, and beyond? Today we will explore what the future might include.

Jan18 Reconciliation: A UU History
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Cathy Grise

Communities throughout the millennia have been torn asunder by the sometimes cruel, often thoughtless, and always painful actions of the people within them. We have become estranged from one another, and the pain of how we have treated each other, of misunderstandings, of injustice, have deeply damaged our ability to talk, to share, to reach out, and to be in community with one another. What can UUs do to create and live in a spirit of reconciliation?

Jan 25 Active Hope
Rev. Carly
Service Leader: Jennifer Kaye

How do we maintain hope in the face of everything that needs attention in our community and the world? How do we maintain hope in our church community as we try to find common ground from which to act together for change? Drawing on work by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone, we’ll explore hope as a spiritual practice

Sunday Services 10:30 am. All Are Welcome

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