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Celebrating 125 years of our liberal spiritual community
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Sunday services are at 10:30am

Jan 25 Active Hope
Rev. Carly
Service Leader: Jennifer Kaye

How do we maintain hope in the face of everything that needs attention in our community and the world? How do we maintain hope in our church community as we try to find common ground from which to act together for change? Drawing on work by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone, we’ll explore hope as a spiritual practice

Feb 1 Because the Sexual is Sacred
Crystal Sue Brousseau, Tamara McClellan

Even though sexuality education for our children and youth is one of the cornerstones of our UU faith, there are few of us adults who were raised to understand how our sexuality fits with our spirituality and identity in ways that make us feel complete. Today, we’ll talk about the search for our own healing and growth.

Feb 8 Death and Dying
John Terpstra
Service Leader: Anne Bokma

As children we asked, Why do I have to go to bed? We wanted to stay up later, to not miss out on the fun. Our parents had an answer for us, then. The question, Why must we die? has a similar child-like quality. Asking the question is everything ‹perhaps especially if there is no answer

Feb 15 Sharing Our Faith: An Action Format Sunday
Rev. Victoria
Music: Our Choir, with Cindy Carey

This Sunday, we learn more about what’s happening within our larger faith community as those who have attended various kinds of leadership training offered by the Canadian Unitarian Council share their new knowledge and experience. We’ll talk about how these learning opportunities connect us with other UUs in Canada, how that builds our denomination’s strength, and how learning about how other churches do things can improve our own experience as UUs. Note: Please plan on staying after the service to participate in a CUC Visioning Workshop, being offered by our Board of Directors. The Canadian Unitarian Council is asking congregations to provide feedback on their new Vision Statement draft, and your input is important!

Feb 22 Being Here for One Another
Rev. Victoria
Service Leader: Tim Versteeg

Each week, we share our congregation’s joys and sorrows as a part of our service. As a community, we acknowledge in our Mission that we are here to nurture one another. We yearn to be connected to one another, to be seen and heard and understood, just as we are. And sometimes, we need someone to whom we can talk. This week, we talk about our new Caring Companions program. These trained volunteers offer support, witness, and a listening ear and are a part of how we care for each other in community.

Sunday Services 10:30 am. All Are Welcome

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