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Membership & Belonging
Our Church has existed in Hamilton in a number of different buildings since 1889. We are presently a community of approximately 375 enthusiastic children, youth, adults, members and  friends. Our current church is housed in a former “True Value” hardware store that we bought and completely renovated in 1998. *Since then we have continued to grow and thrive in our new home, fulfilling our hope of offering “more ministry to more people in the city of Hamilton.”

Being a Member

When you become a member of the First Unitarian Church of Hamilton you become a vital part of our spiritual and social community and can participate in the decision-making that determines the future of the congregation.

We invite members to volunteer and bring their curiosity and enthusiasm to our congregational operations and activities.

Membership Rights and Responsibilities

  • Members are expected to contribute a responsible share (what personal circumstances permit) toward meeting congregational financial needs.
  • Members are encouraged to take part in the community’s volunteer activities.
  • Members have the right to vote at congregational meetings
  • Members have the right to serve on congregational committees as members or chairpersons.
  • Members have the right to serve on the Board of Directors
  • Members have the right to serve as delegates to UU activities and assemblies.

Member Canadian Unitarian Council
The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton
170 Dundurn Street South
Hamilton ON  L8P 4K3
Phone: 905-527-8441  Fax: 905-527-6420

General Email: [email protected]
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