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Who's Who

Church People
Just Some of the People who are the Church

Our ministry is supported by a wide circle of people - professional and lay leaders who offer their gifts and skills to make all our ministries happen. We believe, as Unitarian theologian James Luther Adams said, that “Church is where we get to practice what it means to be human.”

Together, we get a lot of practice in our church !  Click to learn about how to become a Volunteer in one of our many ministries and interest groups 

Contact Us:

Send us a general email message: [email protected]org

Our address:  170 Dundurn Street South Hamilton, ON L8P 4K3

Call us:  905-527-8441

Send us a fax:  905-527-6420

Board 2015

Michele Corbeil - Board President
Martin Dooley - Vice President
Roy Dahl - Board Secretary
Allan Sharp - Treasurer
Bill Johnston - Member at Large
Kelly Wolf - Member at Large
Marilyn Hunt - Member at Large
Julianna Beckett - Management Chair
Ed Canning - Member at Large

Ministerial and Support Staff


Reverend Victoria Ingram
905-527-8441 ext 223
[email protected]

Reverend. Carly Gaylor
Assistant Minister of Outreach & Social Justice
905-527-8441 ext.225
[email protected]

Administrative and Support Staff

Melina Alletto, Congregational Administrator
905-527-8441 ext. 221
[email protected]

Michelle Freestone, Bookkeeper
905-527-8441 ext. 230
[email protected]

Michael Annis, Sexton/Custodian
905-527-8441 ext.404
[email protected]


Tamara McClellan, LifeSpan Learning Professional
905-527-8441 ext. 222
[email protected] 

Rachel Derry, Music Director
905-527-8441 ext.402
[email protected] 
Cindy Carey, Choir Director
[email protected] 

[email protected] 
905-527-8441 ext. 224

Sound Technicians
[email protected] 


Member Canadian Unitarian Council
The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton
170 Dundurn Street South
Hamilton ON  L8P 4K3
Phone: 905-527-8441  Fax: 905-527-6420

General Email: [email protected]
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